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EWWW Image Optimizer Review - The Ultimate Guide

Written by Mike Lai on June 30, 2020
EWWW Image Optimizer Review - The Ultimate Guide

Optimizing just content without images is not an ideal activity for Google’s algorithm. Your website is not a static component. It needs growth, development, and up-gradation, along with technology, business, and user expectations.

Optimization is required everywhere, whether it is an image or thumbnail. You just need to get the right things done to reach a big set of audience in less time. It’s also a secret formula for organic growth.

Is Image Optimization worth it?

Let’s use the right kind of tools for the purpose. To start with, we'll discuss some valid reasons for the practical implementation of image compression and optimization. Then, we'll continue by reviewing one of the best image optimizers, i.e., EWWW Image Optimizer.

Why Is Image Optimization Important?

Given below are some valid reasons behind the fact. At the most, image optimization is also essential to keep up with algorithm strategies of the online world.

  • Enhances Page Speed

Along with SEO, Page Speed is also an essential component of the website's performance. And, anything reducing the speed of page would be like a big curse. Images without compression or optimization would put up a big load on your web server. They can seriously slow down the speed with other loading issues.

On the other hand, an optimized website will load faster within just 2-3 seconds. Thus, make sure your overall content, including images, must be optimized appropriately.

  • Improves User Experience

A proper website is optimal for better user experience. They will have better searchability than other images without optimization. Format and describe them correctly by using relevant alt tags. Ultimately, user experience and engagement is the goal of every website. Before they get engaged in your content regularly, always ensure you are keeping up to the requirements of an excellent user experience.

  • Supplement Seo Efforts

Image optimization is a part of the On-Page SEO technique. They further represent the topic of a specific post. A page with beautiful imagery and well-written content has a high chance of earning social shares and backlinks from other sites.

What is EWWW Image Optimizer?


EWWW Image Optimizer aims at increasing the page speed via optimization. It automatically optimizes the uploaded images on WordPress. It can also convert your images into an ideal format. EWWW is designed to optimize images created by any plugin. The tool also supports unique integrations with famous plugins.

Key Features & Benefits of EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer contains a bit outdated interface showing a total of six tabs. However, it offers different types of image optimization in terms of PNG, JPG, GIF, and PDF. The options of lossless and lossy compression are also there to consider with other vital features, as defined below.

  • Multiple Options

EWWW supports a range of essential functions. This free tool can be used for image resizing, WebP compatibility, image conversion, metadata stripping, and so on. It also contains the ability to change GIF/JPG/PNG compression levels.

  • Speed

It has no limit on file size as well as speed. With the help of parallel optimization and automatic background optimization, you don’t even require to wait for image upload.

  • Image Backup

The EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin offers a free backup facility to its users. You can store original images in the server for almost 30 days. So, they are feasible enough to backup whenever required in a month.

  • Scheduled Image Optimization

The Advanced Settings tab contains a feature of scheduled image optimization. You can set it in the backend very easily for up to an hour.

  • Bulk Optimize

Go to the Media Library and check the Bulk Optimize option. The feature is quite useful for optimizing a large number of images just with a single click. However, a sort of strain is experienced on the website its Bulk Optimize function.

  • Optimization Process

The EWW Image Optimizer is ideal for optimizing images on the web server itself. You are not required to use an external server for the purpose. It’s a great feature for private sites.

How to Setup & Use the EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin?

The very first thing is to install the plugin on WordPress. After installation, you need to ensure the compatibility of the server. It should have all the required installations of extensions. You can move forward if the Plugin Status says ‘All Clear.’ Otherwise, you need to install the tools or extensions highlighted in red either by yourself or by contacting the server administrator.

  • Basic Settings

After you are done with all this, you are already on the Settings panel window, as shown below.


Firstly, it is optional to enter your Cloud optimization API Key. It’s ideal for checking the Remove Metadata box. It is a beneficial feature for a user to remove unnecessary data from the photos. The function also ensures their privacy. For compression levels of PNG, JPG, and GIF, set the lossless feature. You have to go for the premium version if you want to compress PDFs.

  • Advanced Settings

The first option on the Advanced Settings tab is to adjust the JPG quality level. The recommended setting for the purpose is said to be 80. For faster and timely optimization, you can check the boxes of Parallel Optimization and Scheduled Optimization. And, you are required to include Media Library folders while running scheduled or bulk optimization. It will let the job of finding images by own.

  • Resize Settings

All the settings in the tab are quite self-explanatory. Just check out the Resize Existing Images tab. On the other hand, the Resize Detection option will let you see the images requiring scaling up. Scale up your images to better serve your website.

  • Conversion Settings

These settings may not be that helpful if you are already using photo editing applications. To save up space, check the Delete Originals option. Then, you have several conversion options such as JPG to PNG, GIF to PNG, and PNG to JPG.

  • WebP Settings

It also features WebP support. The image format of WebP is quite a smaller version of JPG and developed by Google itself. Select the Insert Rewrite Rules to enable WebP.

Cons of EWWW Image Optimizer

Given below are certain demerits of using EWWW Image Optimizer.

  • The free plugin for JPG lossy compression is not available.
  • The compression of PDFs is available only with a premium account.
  • It won't tell you the exact space-saving after the process of every bulk optimization.


Hopefully, you've completely understood the concept of using EWWW as image optimization. Even though it contains a lot of beneficial functions, you can still find some associated demerits. The essential missing features are mostly available with a premium account of EWW Image Optimizer. It merely means you have to pay for plugin effectiveness. After that, full efficiency is not guaranteed as the tool lacks certain other essential features to be considered long-term use.

For more info, you can read our ShortPixel Plugin review, which is quite a better alternative than EWWW. All the required essential, as well as advanced functions, are provided at pretty low prices here.

Article written by Mike Lai

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