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Imagify Review: The Pros & Cons

Written by Mike Lai on June 15, 2020
Imagify Review: The Pros & Cons

No images with heavyweight are given importance in the online world. Google will not recognize you for such quality. What matters most behind using any image optimization tool is improving the page load speed. This increasing speed will further lead you through various advantages such as customer engagement, boosting conversions, and so on.

Due to the presence of many such plugins in the market, it may be difficult for a thinker at your level to choose the better among them. The best product can be anything with the required qualities, but the better is rare with user-friendly qualities. In this article, we are going to discuss the similar topic of two image optimization plugins, namely the Imagify and ShortPixel.

We'll also discover the review from every aspect, including merits, demerits, and practical points of view. Using WordPress image optimization plugin is a win-win situation for both website visitors as well as website owners. So, let’s get started and review Imagify from head to toe.

What is Imagify: Features & Benefits

The Imagify image optimization plugin claims the compression to lighter images with high-quality settings. The user-friendly interface provides the best-ever Settings module, as mentioned. Honestly speaking, this specific module on Imagify makes it standalone, among others. Nonetheless, other qualities should also be checked to choose the better plugin in terms of both user simplicity and effectiveness.

This bulk optimizer can compress all your images on a single click only. Also, the default settings are ideal for casual users who don’t want to mess with lots of settings.

“Images are considered valuable according to their weightless function.”

Features of Imagify

  • It is a direct tool for image compression with automatic image resizing. However, some settings are there by which you can set the maximum width.
  • The three compression levels are available with Imagify, including Aggressive, Normal, and Ultra.
  • The backup option enables you to restore the images to their original version before optimization.
  • WebP images can also be displayed on the front-end in two descriptive ways.
  • Imagify can optimize images up to 25MB per month for free. Also, it’s conversion to WebP is free too.

Benefits of Imagify Image Optimizer Plugin

The necessary features offered by Imagify are image resizing and bulk optimization. The plugin supports animated GIFs, PNG, and JPG. Also, the image optimization process is on-the-fly. The Imagify supports Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, and Shopify as an upcoming feature. However, you can’t exceed the limit of 5MB for Imagify on free accounts. There is a monthly 25MB freely available per month.

In terms of pricing, the plan starts at $4.99 per month for just 1GB data. Pricing is dependent upon the image uploads and actual file size. Additionally, you can set most features on automation. You can also get a tool for the optimization of the WordPress theme.

How to use Imagify?

As Imagify is free and listed on the WordPress site, you are only required to install and activate the plugin directly. After activation, their quick guide will help you to run the tool smoothly. Then, enter your email details and get your API key for further processing.

Right when you enter the API key, head to the “Settings” page.

imagify review

Proceed with configuring Imagify by first setting the desired compression level. Its default settings are at Aggressive. With this option, image optimization is enough without any significant loss in quality. Mostly, WordPress sites use this option.

On the other hand, “Normal” and “Ultra” settings are a bit different. With “Normal”, lossless optimization is done without any quality loss. And “Ultra” mode will save you a lot of file size with maximum quality loss also. It’s optional to Auto-optimize images on upload or Backup original images. Furthermore, you can choose to resize the images automatically.

Imagify also supports bulk optimization as follows.

imagify pros and cons

ShortPixel vs Imagify

After testing the practical reality of both the plugins, we have come up with the following results.

Basis of Comparison



Original Image Size

301 KB

301 KB

Size after image optimization

90.4 KB

67 KB

Optimization Percentage



Compression Type



As you can see, that competition is a bit fierce; the ShortPixel plugin wins in terms of pricing also. Even though the dashboard of ShortPixel is similar to the dashboard for Imagify, but you can find certain advanced features with extra tabs in ShortPixel. No worries if you are an average. Just flow with the default settings of ShortPixel, and you’re good to go. With this tool, you can choose among Glossy, Lossy, and Lossless modes. Also, there is a facility available to resize large images right when they are uploaded and check out the savings of space.

ShortPixel also supports the following features that advanced users will love.

  • Support for WebP images
  • PDF optimization
  • Cloudflare integration for CDN

As against the file size restriction in Imagify, you are simply provided with image credits in ShortPixel. So, there are no such restrictions on file size in the following plugin.

Why is ShortPixel considered better than Imagify?

imagify vs shortpixel

First and foremost, ShortPixel shares more popularity than other tools out there. You just need to configure it simply, and the plugin will automatically do all the further process. Plus, it's not time-consuming, unlike others. Despite the advanced functions, ShortPixel also consists of some smaller features that are very handy for casual users. Even at the default settings, you are good to go with ShortPixel.

ShortPixel supports following file formats without any size restrictions

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PDF documents

Moreover, it is accessed for three main types of compression, namely the lossless, lossy, and glossy. There are two other worth sharing features. Firstly, the plugin uses API. It merely means that all the process of optimization is done on the server itself. You don’t have to waste resources from your server.

Secondly, the tool also consists of a button for bulk optimization. It is present in the WordPress Media library. Timely recommendations are given by the plugin to ensure you don’t enter too low values. And, if you have checked the Advanced tab of ShortPixel, you may probably know about how useful they are. For more info, you can read our definitive guide on the ShortPixel review.

No doubt, the free plan for ShortPixel is only up to 100 images per month as against the 250 images per month. But, if we talk based on performance, ShortPixel is the ultimate winner. It simply outranks all its competitors in terms of image compression output, which is the core part of every such plugin.

Features & Benefits of ShortPixel

  • Free plans available
  • No restriction on maximum file size
  • Affordable pricing per month
  • Extraordinary output
  • Extensive support to image formats
  • Multiple compression support
  • Automatic resizing of file
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Bulk compression on single click
  • High retention to image quality
  • Compatible with a vast range of other services
  • CDN Integration
  • Multi Website support
  • Restoration of original images & Quick Backups
  • Statistics & Report for Optimization success


All in all, we can now conclude that ShortPixel outranks the Imagify also. It’s not that Imagify is not at all a worth considerable plugin, but we have taken into account certain advanced features and simplicity for the comparison. To go step by step with Google’s algorithm, you are also required to search for an easy to use the tool so that it can best suit the beginners also.

No doubt, Imagify stands right in terms of simplicity. What matters next is output, or you can say actual performance. For the purpose, we have taken tests of compression on both the images. And, the results stated above directly shows that ShortPixel wins the overall performance.

So, choose your image optimization plugin wisely. It would be useful in the long run if you go for a better plugin than the Imagify itself.

Article written by Mike Lai

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