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What Is A Lifestyle Blog and How to Start One?

Written by Mike Lai on February 27, 2020
What Is A Lifestyle Blog and How to Start One?

What is a lifestyle blog, and how can you get started on creating and monetizing your content.

Whether you spend hours browsing online every day or just carry out the occasional google search, you are sure to have come across various blogs and posts. Over recent years, lifestyle blogs have acquired a substantial presence online, but you might still be wondering: “What exactly is a lifestyle blog?”

The name says it all. Lifestyle blogging is about sharing parts of your daily life and passions to inspire and inform other people. If you have ever wished to turn your hobby into your job and inspire thousands of people at the same time, a lifestyle blog is one of the best places to start.

What is a Lifestyle Blog

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is essentially a blog about anything related to one’s life, from cooking recipes to yoga routines and travel experiences. Topics range vastly from the more general wellbeing blogging to the most niche interest; either way, there exists a lifestyle blog about it.

The onset of the internet has opened an array of different channels for open communication and expression. Lifestyle blogging has become a means for people to express their ideas to the world in a creative and knowledgeable way.

Why Become a Lifestyle Blogger?

Lifestyle bloggers get to share their passions with the online community every day of the week - and make money from it. They write about any topic they might be interested in or any skill they wish to give advice on. The possibilities are as great as your aspirations, and you can start writing as soon as your blog is set up.

Why Become Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogging is also an opportunity to break away from the monotony of a 9 to 5 job and start earning money on your own schedule and terms. If you are looking for a more independent job, or simply wish to share your ideas with like-minded people, becoming a lifestyle blogger serves both just as well.

How to Become a Successful Lifestyle Blogger

Find a topic you are passionate about

There are really no limits to blogging. Whether you have a passion for gardening since you were a young child, or you have just recently discovered the joys and tribulations of motherhood, anything you care about is worth writing on. You should not be afraid to start a blog on an unconventional or less-popular topic, after all, not everyone might be into yoga or vegan food and finding a niche is an equally efficient way of attracting readers.

If something isn’t instantly sprawling to your mind, ask yourself the following questions. What do I find interesting? What hobbies do I enjoy? What can I do well?

Write down a list of ideas. You will be surprised how easily you can link two seemingly unrelated topics together. If you like cooking and playing tennis, you might be able to write about the appropriate nutrition and the corresponding meals.

How To Become A Successful Lifestyle Blogger

Ultimately, you should give your creativity a free pass to explore ideas which you can then size up to the existing market and decide on their relevance.

Determine your target audience and purpose

Establishing a set purpose to your blog will help guide you along your journey as a lifestyle blogger. Depending on your niche, different forms of blogging might be more appropriate for its audience.

If your aim is to ultimately monetize your content and turn it into a business, setting up strong branding around your content will be essential. On the other hand, if you are just looking to share your advice on a topic, building a user-friendly blog might be more of a priority.

Having a clear idea does not mean that you will not be able to change it as your audience grows, but it will provide you with a plan to follow in terms of what you could write about.

How to name a lifestyle blog

It will no matter if you have the most innovative or thought-provoking content if you don’t have a great name to promote it. Ideally, you should find a unique name which reflects the core message of your lifestyle blog. Your name should be both concise and compelling since it is essentially the essence of your brand.

As your brand name establishes itself on the web, the more trusted it will become as it starts to build up a reputation. This will attract not only new readers but also potential sponsors to help grow your reach.

Select your platform

Unless you happen to be a programming expert, the chances are that you would rather avoid stringing lines of code together just to share your first blog post. Luckily, there already exist blogging platforms ready to use and configure to your taste.

Whether you are a total beginner or already have some coding expertise, WordPress is the number one choice for either.

Young Businessman Using Laptop At Desk In Office

It offers an incredible range of themes and customization options to make sure that any blogger can publish their content on a platform which is just as original. It also hosts hundreds of plugins to help market your lifestyle blog, including SEO tips and tools and other useful management plugins.

Is it worth paying for a platform?

If you truly care about your content, investing in a quality platform like WordPress will let you grow and monetize your lifestyle blog much more efficiently.

Some free platforms might also be relatively easy to use, but most of them will be quite restricted in terms of customization options and theme selection. Your blog layout is unlikely to match its content as well as you would hope, and this is partly due to the fact that a free platform does not technically give you full ownership of your lifestyle blog.

As a consequence, many sites might not permit certain advertisements as they tend to impose their own ads on your website, which makes it much more difficult to monetize your content. Using a free platform will also leave your lifestyle blog at the risk of being shut down if the provider chooses to.

There exist various other platforms, but WordPress’ easy to use interface and wealth of help resources remain unmatched. Installing WordPress on your site is a swift process to get you promptly started on your theme design.

At the end of the day, you should give your quality content the platform it deserves by investing now and have it payback later. 

How to Create Your Lifestyle Blog

Obtain a Web Hosting

The first step in getting your lifestyle blog out onto the internet is to obtain web hosting. This is a server which stores your blog on the internet and keeps it online.

You can buy a hosting plan from a range of different hosts, including BluehostCloudways and Siteground. These sites will often provide a free domain and plenty of resources for help for a small monthly fee.

Get a Concise Domain Name

Choosing an effective domain name is a very similar process to the selection of your lifestyle blog’s name. These are essentially the address to your website and will be what readers will click on to access your lifestyle blog.

How To Create Your Lifestyle Blog

Your URL should be short and easy to remember. It is best to include the name of your blog for it to remain as unique as possible. However, one should also note that a domain name that is too specific might actually hinder you in the future if you ever think about altering your content.

It is important to stick to the same domain name to help build up your own brand and reputation to ultimately attract more readers and companies.

Domain names can be obtained through most web hosting servers since they will be the ones storing your blog and its address.

Structure your Blog Effectively

Structuring your blog in an accessible way is crucial in getting readers to stay on your page and then come back to it. Your homepage design is one of the most important features of your site. It is, in essence, the page which speaks for your blog and its content; users should immediately be able to get the tone of your blog.

In addition to being attractive, it should also offer direct access to anyone of your sub-pages and provide links to different categories and sub-categories. You might wish to include a page talking about yourself and your purpose behind the blog or have a page dedicated to pictures and promotions.

A lifestyle blog which is easy to navigate will not only encourage readers to explore around but will also help it rank favourably with search engines.

Write your First Blog Post

You have your website design all completed, and your name proudly displayed at the top, all that is left to do is to post your first lifestyle blog.

It is important to have a clear introduction to your blog, which includes both information about you and your interests, as well as the purpose of your blog. You should try to communicate to your audience why they should come back to your blog and not someone else’s. This is the time to channel your passion for getting readers excited about your future content. 

Young Businesswoman Using Laptop At Office Table

On WordPress, all you have to do is select the ‘Posts’ option from the drop-down menu and create a ‘New Post’. Now you can start writing and formatting your text or even upload images and videos. When you are completely satisfied, just click publish and your blog will be published for the world to see. 

Keep Updating your Blog on a Regular Basis

Once your lifestyle blog is up and running, and your first readers start to crowd in, keeping that traffic up is essential. It is recommended to update your blog regularly; this might be once a day or once a week, as long as it is consistent. 

To make sure that your content remains high-quality and written with passion, consider planning out your blog posts. Choose topics which are both relevant to your lifestyle blog as well as your audience. Whenever you come up with an idea, list it down and make an outline of how you could link them together in a coherent way.

You should try to build a network of topics which you can structure into different categories and sub-categories so that you create a clear plan from where to get your ideas from.

How to Monetize a Lifestyle Blog

You have set up your lifestyle blog and have worked hard on writing some quality posts, why not make money from them?

Making blogging into a job lets you select your own schedule and be entirely independent about which content you create and when.

Monetize A Lifestyle Blog

Since you are already blogging about things you genuinely care about, all you need to start making money from it is the right exposure. Establishing a strong social media presence is key. As more people come to care about your content, you will start to build a community around your lifestyle blog and get more eyes interested.

The flexibility of being a blogger also applies when monetizing your content. This provides a great opportunity for diversifying your income sources by considering these top three options.


The simplest way to start advertising is through display ads. Anyone who has ever wandered the internet as a content creator will be familiar with Google’s Adsense. These ads are shown throughout your blog, near the sidebar or between pages.


Once you start growing your base, you may wish to consider doing sponsored ads for other brands or blogs. In contrast to Adsense, you can set your price with sponsors and have control over both your income and your choice of advertisement. As you start to advertise other blogs, you might also be offered to advertise your own content on their site and have the opportunity to grow your audience.

Affiliate Advertising

As a lifestyle blogger, you are likely to write about topics which have large product markets behind them. No matter how specific your niche is, there is likely to be some product or service looking for advertisement in that domain. All you need to do is to write about and promote a seller’s product on your lifestyle blog, and they will pay you for the service.

When you first start your blogging, you can either get in touch with a company or the direct seller to obtain affiliate links. As time passes and your audience grows, brands might start reaching out to you for affiliate advertising, in which case you will have more control over the setting of your fees.

Sponsored Posts

The key with sponsored posts is to find a way to make them relate to your content in a way which engages the reader with it. Since these have to be openly disclosed, you should avoid making every one of your posts sponsored, even though they offer a great source of revenue. Instead, you should aim for the right balance to keep your readers interested so that they do not feel exploited for money.

Is Lifestyle Blogging Right For Me

For your lifestyle blog to get monetized efficiently, your content should be made visible and accessible. Optimizing your posts to get noticed by search engines is an essential way of making sure that all your time and effort don’t go to waste. You should try to use SEO to boost traffic to your site by including links within your posts and establish a trusted network.

Is Lifestyle Blogging Right for Me?

If there is something you are passionate about and have always wanted to share with other people, there is no reason for you to keep waiting. Starting a lifestyle blog can be an enriching experience, whether you are simply doing it to interact with a community or to actively make it into a job.

Here is a quick recap of the few steps you have to follow to become a successful lifestyle blogger:

  • Find a topic you are passionate about
  • Determine your purpose for writing
  • Find a unique name to match your quality content
  • Set up your WordPress blog
  • Obtain web hosting and a domain name
  • Structure your blog effectively

It's [year]. All you have to do is to sit down at your laptop and get started on your first blog post.

Article written by Mike Lai

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